Posted on: Oct 03, 2010
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Maybach will Live, and Gain a Hybrid Too

Maybach was on the road to being a true goner. With the economic downturn and sales not as high as the guys on top would like, Mercedes-Benz contemplated ending it. A report from Automobile states that Maybach is down, but not out. It is revising the platform for five new vehicles. The standard 57 and 62 will benefit from upgraded sheet metal, interiors and electronics, while a four-door "coupe" will be added to the lineup.
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The report also claims that in addition to new transmissions, an electric motor could be fitted, boosting output by 20 hp and allowing the massive car to drive in full electric mode for up to 10 miles. So it seems that Maybach and the folks at Mercedes are planning on for the future.

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