Comments - Virgin Racing Goes Russian for F1

Published: Nov 12, 2010
Description: Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Racing team have secured their place on the Formula 1 grid thanks to Russian carmaker Marussia Motors buying what's being described as a "significant stake" in the team. ...
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Andy Rogers Nov 15, 2010
I admit, the first post makes it seem like I do, but then I cleared it up saying I only have problems with Russian cars and yet you still jump to conclusions that I hate Russian people.
Andy Rogers Nov 15, 2010
When did I EVER say I had a problem with Russian PEOPLE?
Andy Rogers Nov 15, 2010
And I don't want attention, I just have a big opinion on cars and I know what I'm talking about most of the time. It's the ignorant people like you guys that jump to random conclusions who cause me to argue to defend myself.
Andy Rogers Nov 15, 2010
Just because I hate Russian cars doesn't mean I hate Russians. I know plenty of awesome Russians. I hate some of my parents rules, does that mean I hate my parents?
Christian Bures Nov 14, 2010
Andy is an instigator, he wants attention
Pavel Sandul Nov 14, 2010
who gotta problem with russians?
Andy Rogers Nov 13, 2010
Russian cars, they're all complete crap
Alex Karosharov Bogdanich Nov 13, 2010
U got a problem about Russia
Andy Rogers Nov 12, 2010
Russian? Oh great...
Johannes Wesselhoeft Jun 14, 2011
What a nice looking, unique body-shaped car.
Nicolas Pons Feb 04, 2011
Looks nothing lik a lambo but I will admit I do lik the sleek zonda look
Paul Kukhar Dec 26, 2010
Lovin the sleek front like a zonda
Jake Lyons Dec 22, 2010
Derrrrrn that thing is SHMEXY
Tyler Cook Dec 10, 2010
Reventon?! No not really at all
John Michael Faulkner Dec 05, 2010
It looks like a lamborghini
Robert Kassardjian Nov 15, 2010
That is a kick a$$ car
Alex Karosharov Bogdanich Nov 13, 2010
I already have one Had to go through a lot off stuff to get that car
Craig McGlade Nov 12, 2010
So the Russians can design a decent looking car. Was starting to doubt with the zil concept. See article from 6 November.
Umer Khan Nov 12, 2010
Amazing body, that red though Is getting me
Uma Thurman Nov 12, 2010
Have to say it looks simply beautiful
Andy Rogers Nov 12, 2010
Yeah it looks good, but the Russians are the worst car makers in history. Put it this way, they made the lada reva (doesn't even deserve to be capitalized)
Kenny Conklin Nov 12, 2010
Sick looking car must have
Description: Branson originally became involved with F1 in 2009 when he signed a three-year deal to sponsor a rookie team, then known as Manor Motorsport, which was soon rebranded as Virgin Racing. Russian Top Gea...
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Matt Wright May 23, 2011
Go storm chasing in this.
Jake Lyons Dec 22, 2010
I thought the Dodge Charger was supposed to be the most aggressive car on the road... Not any more
Nestor Ulises Delgadillo Nov 28, 2010
That looks mean as hell
Nick Orchard Nov 17, 2010
Holy lord that's AMASING!
Jordan Sutliff Nov 15, 2010
oh my god. this car is an absolute beastly lookin thing. woah. dreamy
Matt Bailey Nov 14, 2010
god awful looking thing!!
Dhruba Hungrybob Dasgupta Nov 14, 2010
Holy crap!! look at that front bumper
Andrew Lisnoff Nov 12, 2010
The nose looks like a cross between an Appollo and a 458. No?
Description: Names such as Vitaly Petrov of Renault have come up, so it's faire to speculate the new team is looking to hire some native born sons. An announcement is expected sometime before this Christmas.

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Drew Johnson Nov 13, 2010
Pagani's are lower to the ground normally have spoilers and have a muffler abnormally large quite the contrary to a Russian high rolling race car I must say
Uma Thurman Nov 13, 2010
looks like pagani zonda
Cam Dally Apr 11, 2011
Looks like if a zonda and Enzo made a baby
Max Preston Nov 30, 2010
It has the body of a Ferrari Enzo
Nick Strong Dec 13, 2010
The black one looks so damn scary but. Really cool!!! Two of the coolest cars I've seen
Alex Karosharov Bogdanich Nov 13, 2010
Nahhhhhh the car is very nice and fast
David Dietz Nov 12, 2010
These things are sweet! But seeing ad they're made in Russia they're probably made from pig iron and melted down toilet seats
Logan Vannatta Nov 12, 2010
Yea prettiest Russians ever made haha
Victor Greenineed Jesus Nov 12, 2010
Damn these are sum nice cars :D