Comments - Abarth Forging Ahead as the only Mid-Engine Roadster

Published: Nov 05, 2010
Description: There are reports circulating that Abrath is getting its own sports car, a first since Fiat revived the brand. Now reports are suggesting that the Scorpion marquee could partner with either Lotus or K...
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Description: Lotus could have been a viable option and alternative, but there are personal reasons why that won't be happening. As a result, Abarth could build a Lotus Elise rival on its own, and it could be ...
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Jesse Weis Jul 06, 2011
I hope it comes to the US market
Jesse Weis Jul 06, 2011
I wouldnt go so. Far as to say better than a lambo, but this thing looks awesome
Brandon Perkins Dec 14, 2010
This looks better than a lambo
Martin ONeill Dec 09, 2010
Build it ! I want one ! ;)
Alberto MoFu Dec 09, 2010
No m esperaba k este coche seria tan bonito. Muy bien echo el dibujo
Luca Schätzle Nov 05, 2010
Buuuuum was ein auto