Comments - MTM Reveals Audi A1 in Time For Christmas

Published: Dec 11, 2010
Description: German tuning specialist MTM has revealed photos of their latest work, a retuned Audi A1. Their tuning program involves not only upgrading the stock A1's power, but also adding new alloy wheels, ...
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Dylan Arms Dec 15, 2010
I swear, every car Audi makes has the sickest front end. They got it down.
Drew Weigel Dec 11, 2010
Why does Audi look so good
Description: Add to that a lowered suspension and a new set of spacers per wheel for an improved appearance, and this could be the most dangerous thing the MINI Cooper has seen yet. MTM has also promised that a se...
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Albert Einsteins Dec 11, 2010
Lol to bojevas comment...I think the color combination is unique and it looks cool
Andy Kleschick Dec 11, 2010
Maybe because I overstate the obvious?
Kyle Noland Dec 11, 2010
I think thr colors on this car fall into line very nice!
Andy Kleschick Dec 11, 2010
I don't like the color combo shown. I know others will be available, but I think the black just doesn't go with the whitish/cream and orange. Although, those two latter colors make me hungry for an orange cream Popsicle.