Zonda Roadster F is About Pure Speed

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So here's out it all came to be: Horatio Pagani started his company in 1992 and by 1999, his first car was on display at the Geneva Auto Show. He previously worked for Lamborghini before going off on his own. While doing so, he also established Modena Design in order to keep as many things in-house. With the exception of the engines, Pagani managed to deliver a truly world-class supercar in just seven short years.
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With the Zonda Roadster F, the fruits of Pagani's efforts have taken off and impresses almost every performance automaker. There's an immense amount of detail and craftsmanship that's equivalent to, for example, Mercedes-Benz AMG. The way in which Pagani utilized engineering knowledge to make the roadster faster than the coupe is pure genius. Now that the Zonda lineup is about to face retirement, it'll be fascinating to watch Pagani develop its next generation super roadster.