Posted on: Jan 01, 2011
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GAC Trumpchi

The Guangzhou Auto Show was the logical place for Guangzhou Automobile (or GAC) to unveil their newest car and the first to wear the GAC badge. Called the Trumpchi (which sounds like it would be the name of a beloved character from a Belgian children's show), it is based on the now-deceased Alfa Romeo 166, which is certainly a good place to start. The engine will be the Fiat/Alfa Twinspark 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but there are plans for a 1.8-liter as well.

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The Trumpchi obviously isn't as good looking as the Alfa, but certainly doesn't make it ugly, and as long as it's also fun to drive it should do well. GAC has been producing cars in partnerships with other foreign automakers for some time, but they're hoping that this move to put their own name on their cars will elevate them from their current ranking as the number 6 Chinese car manufacturer.

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