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Published: Jan 01, 2011
Description: The Guangzhou Auto Show was the logical place for Guangzhou Automobile (or GAC) to unveil their newest car and the first to wear the GAC badge. Called the Trumpchi (which sounds like it would be the n...
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Andy Rogers Jan 02, 2011
An Alfa Romeo is a great and terrible place to start at the same time
Mike Hawk Jan 01, 2011
This car needs to come with handicap placards cuz the target market will be cripples and grandparents
Andy Rogers Jan 02, 2011
Like the next page basically says, nowhere near as pretty as any Alfa, but at least it's not ugly; just boring
Description: The Trumpchi obviously isn't as good looking as the Alfa, but certainly doesn't make it ugly, and as long as it's also fun to drive it should do well. GAC has been producing cars in par...
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Mike Hawk Jan 03, 2011
I know you're kidding, Nick, but I have to say that the new sonata is gonna give camry and accord a run for it's money. However, in that Asian midfull class, I'm all in ONLY for the Legacy
Nick Benz Jan 02, 2011
Oh its the new hundai sonata