16Vampir VW Golf MK1 AWD Sets World Record!

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How does 8s on the quarter taste?
Here's one for you quarter mile junkies out there that will make you wet your pants more than a little. This is a 16Vampir VW Golf MK1 4motion 2.0 16V Turbo with 1141 horsepower running on E85. It houses an Extreme Tuners custom turbo and NG-Motorsports CNC head. This guy sets the world record with a 8.29 quarter mile @ 281.8 km/h. Other notables on this compact beast are
0-100km/h in 1.90 seconds
100-200km/h in 2.57 seconds
200-250km/h in 1.75 seconds
That's just ridiculous.

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