Comments - Volkswagen Celebrates Dakar Victory

Published: Jan 23, 2011
Description: Coming directly from the deserts of South America, Volkswagen is celebrating its second consecutive overall victory in the grueling Dakar Rally. To make the event even more monumental, trophy winner N...
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Albert Einsteins Jan 23, 2011
My favorite team the VW rally racing team.... Al-ateyyah is really amazing if anyone ever saw him race
Description: If you recall, the much hyped X-Raid Mini Countryman was in a big crash while doing some free time test runs, causing a minor head injury to driver Guerlain Chicherit. As a result, this helped clear t...
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Andy Rogers Jan 23, 2011
Rallying = extremely dangerous. It's going to happen sadly
Jayden Amir Jan 29, 2012
This is such a surprise
Tom Franquelli Jan 24, 2011
Mmhm, he modified a Toureg overnight and that's what came out. :D
Andy Rogers Jan 24, 2011
Haha yeah This thing is so beast it won the rally even before he built it
Will Conover Jan 23, 2011
I thought Richard Hammond built this
Albert Einsteins Jan 23, 2011
This is the master of rally ;P