Posted on: Oct 14, 2011
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Volkswagen To Unveil Two New Vehicles In LA

Volkswagen has announced that they will be bringing two new vehicles to the LA Auto Show. Now it's time to guess which ones.
Volkswagen has announced that they will be unveiling two new vehicles at the upcoming LA Auto Show, although they haven't told us which. It would be safe to assume that one of these will be a convertible version of the new and less girly Beetle, LA being the perfect place to show off a new drop top. Another candidate for a spot in VW's area of the floor is a production version of the Beetle R, a concept version of which was shown just recently at the Frankfurt Auto Show.
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We're not sure that would really qualify as a new vehicle though, and perhaps a more likely vehicle would be a production version of the Bulli Concept that was shown in Geneva back in March. We do also know that VW has a new Golf in testing, even though the current generation isn't very old. There is an upcoming five-door version of the Up! city car in the works too, although a North American debut for a city car would take a confidence in the North American market that VW has shown time and again that they do not have.

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