Posted on: Oct 19, 2011
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Report: A Rolls for the Proles? You Haven’t got a Hope in Hell

Rolls-Royce is staying upmarket according to CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos.
Rolls-Royce is staying strictly upmarket according to the British firm's CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos. His comments came on the back of Bentley's announcement of moving downmarket with a 5-door coupe based on the Porsche Panamera and Rolls-Royce has quickly stated that they won't be following suit. Muller-Otvos has said that the superluxury market is 'robust' and that "Bentley largely occupies another price segment."

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He also said "Our customers don't see our cars as competition (to Bentley). They buy models of both brands." Speaking to AutomotiveNews, he also hinted that Rolls-Royce is planning more variants of the Ghost, however that is where their plans stop in regards to new models. Coupe and convertible variants could be in the works, however he strongly dismissed the possibility of a diesel motor ever finding its way into one of their luxury models. In regards to future plans, he also said that the company would limit their use of the growing social media trend in order to find new customers.
He said "our presence in social media ensures we talk to a wider audience through a contemporary communications platform." Concerning production, the CEO also said "Currently, I see the potential for around 3,500 automobiles above 200,000 euros (about $280,000) in the superluxury segment worldwide. I think it is proving to be more robust than other segments in the auto industry." Rolls-Royce remains focused on creating a brand based on "exclusivity, quality and individual style." In that case, we'll take a Ghost coupe.

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