Speculation over a Diesel Version of the New BMW 3-Series

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A 2.0-liter oil burner is a possibility for the U.S, but BMW is still mum on timing.
Will BMW bring an oil burner version to the US of its all-new 3-series? So far no clear answer has been given to that question, however, according to Car&Driver, a diesel version of the new 3-series is expected to arrive stateside at some point, although no exact date has been announced.

The 3-reihe (as the Germans prefer to call it) is sold in Europe with a wide range of diesel engines; however in the US this was never the case.
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The outgoing model did offer a diesel option, the 335d, and was equipped with the inline-6 3.0-liter engine with an incredible 425 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, it was sold for a staggering) $45K - a price that severely damaged its selling power. But now BMW is reportedly considering to offer their new 3-Series in the U.S. with both a smaller diesel engine (a 2.0-liter four-cylinder) and a cheaper base price. In Europe the new 3-Series will be offered with two versions of the diesel 2.0-liter, with either 160hp or 181hp. The latter is probably the one that will be sold in the U.S. It has 280lb-ft at 1,750-2,750 rpm and 181hp at 4,000 rpm.
Top speed is 146mph with the six-speed manual gearbox or 143mph with the 8-speed automatic. If that engine version does come to the US, BMW will likely offer it in additional models such as the 5-series and X3.

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