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FAB Design has Bugatti Veyron and Maybach Coupe in their Sights

The renowned tuning firm has an updated website, which indicates some spectacular supercar tuning packages are in the offing.
Known for their extravagant tuning of supercars, Swiss tuning firm FAB Design appear to have creating tuning projects for the Bugatti Veyron and Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe on their agenda. Sketches on their website indicate that the Veyron will be enhanced with a new body kit including a more aggressive front with large air intakes, widened fenders, new side skirts and new wheels. The body kit for the Maybach will include a new front bumper, widened feners, a rear bumper with diffuser and new wheels.
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Xenatec was recently placed into liquidation with eight Maybach Coupes finished and three remaining incomplete. It seems highly unlikely therefore, that FAB Design will release this package unless of course they have picked up the unfinished models. If they are built, an unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show next March is a distinct possibility.
FAB Design has Bugatti Veyron and Maybach Coupe in their Sights

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