What’s Better than a Model? A Model Dressed in Ford Parts, that’s What

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100 Years of Ford UK never looked so good.
Gucci, Prada, nah... this is a dress made up entirely of Ford car parts. Ford UK is getting ready to celebrate 100 years and thanks to a pair of young British designers and a Scottish Designer of the Year nominee, they are going to mark the centenary in style. The model seen here was outfitted by the pair, led by Scotswoman Judy Clark. The necklace apparently drew inspiration from the sci-fi movie Metropolis and was created by Cornwall native Katherine Hawkins.
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Speaking about her creation for Ford's anniversary, she said "When the box of car parts arrived, I didn't really know what to expect. It doesn't help that I can't actually drive so at first I didn't know what the parts were for! But once I got them spread out to see how they look and sit and how I could work with them, the idea came very quickly and I was able to use really cool metals, plastics and rubbery bits!" Check out the pics of Ford UK's abstract subjects and their outfits and let us know what you think about the unique celebratory effort across the pond.