Jeff Koons Creates the BMW M3 GT2 Miniature Art Car

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Jeff Koons has created a vibrant and stunning BMW M3 GT2 Art Car 1:18 the size of the real thing.
American artist Jeff Koons has created a terrific miniature art car using power, motion and light as inspiration. The BMW M3 GT2 Art Car model was built on a 1:18 scale compared to the real thing. The full-detail replica features a removable hood which allows you to see the silver interior, trunk, air ducts, etc. Everything has been copied down to the smallest detail, including the lettering on the wheels and the sport seat belts.
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Only 5,000 miniatures of the BMW M3 GT2 Art Car will be produced, each containing a clear varnish that makes the models really pop with color. The model is available for order now at BMW's official website and at select BMW dealerships.