Gulf and Fiat Build Special 500 Abarth for Luxembourg

There's no doubt the introduction of the Fiat 500 has brought numerous special editions and one-offs around the world. While the potential is great, there have already been a few missteps, specifically the blinged-out Fenice Mialon 500. Now, there will be a special edition of the Fiat 500 built in celebration of Gulf Oil's 10th anniversary of SA activity. The limited edition Luxembourg-only Abarth 500 Gulf will sticker for €25,000 ($35,000 US).

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It will feature the seatbacks of the Sabelt racing bucket seats painted in light pastel blue and orange. The exterior, as you can guess, is painted in Gulf Oil colors with the company logo planted firmly on the front hood. Only 10 examples will be made and will undoubtedly sell out quickly - even if it's available only in Luxembourg (population: 502,202). Although the colors do reflect a certain nostalgia of Le Mans cars and numerous other racers, how much of a premium is justified in order to celebrate an oil company?
Come to think of it, it would annoy any Prius owner regardless of their country of residence. Premium justified.


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