Comments - Gulf and Fiat Build Special 500 Abarth for Luxembourg

Published: Feb 05, 2011
Description: There's no doubt the introduction of the Fiat 500 has brought numerous special editions and one-offs around the world. While the potential is great, there have already been a few missteps, specif...
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Gipi' Gennari Feb 07, 2011
Great car but too very much expansive
Mike Hawk Feb 05, 2011
Looks like another article with another ridiculously overpriced car
Patrick Schalk Feb 05, 2011
I feel like the same articles are on carbuzz almost everyday
Andy Rogers Feb 07, 2011
Oh great. Now this is growing on me too. Curse you Gulf livery and Italian cars! (not really)
Kwan Calvin Feb 05, 2011
Will I put this in my 'Wish' list? Probably no!
Mikal Goodall Feb 05, 2011
Looks good. I would buy!
Andy Rogers Feb 05, 2011
I like Gulf livery and I like the Fiat 500. But sort if no on this one
Description: It will feature the seatbacks of the Sabelt racing bucket seats painted in light pastel blue and orange. The exterior, as you can guess, is painted in Gulf Oil colors with the company logo planted fir...
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Description: Come to think of it, it would annoy any Prius owner regardless of their country of residence. Premium justified.
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Chad Schley Feb 06, 2011
They actually race these in Europe. Its a spec class and has some really tight racing action. The low power light weight cars are momentum cars and actually turn some quick lap times.
Russell Kanharn Feb 05, 2011
Yeah the gulf livery only looks right on fast and race cars