Posted on: Feb 06, 2011
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Lexus Project CT

Lexus is already getting ready for the Chicago Auto Show, and they tell us that they're going for a performance-oriented theme for the show. Perplexingly, Lexus has chosen the CT200h (a Prius in a Lexus costume) as the flagship for all of this performance. Why the company that makes the oh-so-very-cool LFA would look to a sluggish hybrid to give them a little more hotrod street-cred is something that I could only speculate on.
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Luckily, Lexus has given us some clues. The CT200h is going to be used as part of a display that will be called "The Darker Side of Green" and is supposed to convey the idea that hybrids can be aggressive too. The CT200h will be painted dark green (duh) and will feature several modifications such as bigger brakes and a body kit, none of which make the car any faster. Lexus, let us help you out here, fast is cool, looking fast when you're slow is lame.

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