Report: Citroen To Offer DS3 Airflow Convertible

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Citroen has had a lot of success with its DS3 lineup. Everything from the standard DS3 hatch, the DS3 WRC Rally edition, the DS4 crossover, and the upcoming DS5 have helped to re-establish the French automaker as a driver's brand. And now, a report has crept up claiming the automaker is looking to built a convertible version as well. Styled similarly to the Fiat 500C, the DS3 Airflow would feature a retractable fabric rooftop with the pillars and door frames remaining in place.
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This setup would be more cost effective for Citroen due to not having to develop a full-fledged convertible. The engineering issues that would need to be solve involve making sure the body retains its rigidity and safety. In all likelihood, the DS3 Airflow (not necessarily the final name) won't appear on the European market before 2013.

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