Revealed: Mazda BT-50 Freestyle

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Mazda has just released new photos of their BT-50 Freestyle, which is set to make its official debut later this year at the Australian International Motor Show. The Freestyle has state-of-the-art rear hinged doors that provides easy access to the cabin. The seat cushions have been extended by 50mm and the seat-backs heightened by 128mm. The Freestyle has never been known for its comfort level, Mazda is assuring customers that they have taken drastic measures to ensure a more pleasant ride.
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Mazda also plans on adding an additional 266 liters more to the truck, which increases the total volume to 1,453 liters. No word yet on pricing, however, the BT-50 Freestyle is set to hit the market later this year. And like the new Ford Ranger, we're not expecting it to be sold in the U.S.