Posted on: Aug 21, 2011
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Parade of Cadies Sets New Guinness Record

A fleet of 298 Cadillacs in Barton, Vermont made their way into the Guinness Record books last week.
Imagine a road full of Cadillacs, 298 of them to be exact. You would think you're either hallucinating or looking at the new Guinness Record for most Caddies in one single parade. The record was previously set on August 18th, 2002 in the Netherlands and had a trail of only 102 Caddies. This time, 298 Cadillac's made their way down Route 2 in Barton, Vermont last week. The parade came as a result of an idea to increase awareness for the Floral Hall Arts & Crafts of the Orleans fair in Vermont.
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Barton, Vermont is also the hometown of Cadillac and Lincoln founder Henry Leland. The parade featured a wide range of Cadillac models built over the years. From the vintage Eldorado of the 1960's right up until today's current CTS Coupe. Laurie Seadale, the superintendent of the event said that "The initial goal was for the fair but it's become a dual-purpose event to honor Henry Leland's legacy and contribution to this country with his inventions, ingenuity and entrepreneurial's great to bring the world record back to the United States where it belongs." We know Elvis would be proud too.

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