Posted on: Aug 30, 2011
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Fire in the Hole: Call of Duty Inspired Hummer H1

A Hummer owner decided to truly show his love for the game Call of Duty by customizing his vehicle.
It's not every day where a video game inspires and motivates automakers to build a vehicle that is a replica of what they drove in a video game. This featured Hummer, on the other hand, has drawn inspiration from the popular game 'Call of Duty' to present a slightly battle-damaged H1. The Call of Duty H1 edition is the work of German body-wrap specialists at Cam-Shaft. The inspiration for this came from the owner of an H1 that apparently wanted to live out his gaming fantasies.
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The design of this particular H1 was taken directly from the latest sequel to the video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Some features of the Call of Duty H1 include a matte black vinyl wrap that highlights the game's logos and other styling details (notice the fake blood dripping from the fake bullet holes). There's also a sweet set of black alloy rims. We just wonder if a set of grenades and an M-16 was included.

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