Frankfurt 2011: Lamborghini Confirms Production Of Sesto Elemento

Lamborghini has confirmed that they will produce just 20 copies of the amazing Sesto Elemento.
Our prayers have been answered. Well, not ours, but 20 lucky souls with far more wealth than anyone here at CarBuzz can command will have their prayers answered by Lamborghini. They have announced that, although they hadn't originally intended to build the Sesto Elemento, they will now be producing it in an extremely limited production run of just 20. The car was originally made as a technological showcase concept for the 2010 Paris Motor Show.
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Since then, we assume, people with quite a bit of money have been pestering Lamborghini to build them an example of the show-stealer. The mid-mounted V10 is from the Gallardo, but the amazingly cool fighter-jet-on-wheels-styled body is all new. The car was built employing several new breakthroughs in carbon technology, and as a result it weighs less than 1000kg. It's an amazing car, and we just hope to one day see one on the street.

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