Video: $1.39 for 62 miles - Opel Rak-e Concept Debuts at Frankfurt 2011

Travel from Cincinnati to Cleveland for about $5.00. It just might take a day or two...
The Frankfurt Auto Show has seen some interesting cars this year. The Opel Rak-e is certainly one of those cars. Featuring some very unique design cues and running only on electricity, the Rak-e is turning heads as one of the shows premier automobile concepts. The ultra-light city car concept was designed to open a "new chapter in electric mobility." Weighing in at 838lbs and powered by a 5kWh battery, the electric motor puts out 49hp and pushes the concept up to a top speed of 75mph.

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The EV is so efficient that it can travel up to 62 miles (100km in euro-talk) for as low as $1.39. The range for Opel's concept is also 62 miles. That means travelling from Cincinnati, Ohio (southern tip) to Cleveland, Ohio (in the North, below Lake Erie), a total distance of around 230 miles would only cost $5.15. Now, you would have to take into account charging time would obviously make the trip a bit longer. That means even leaving on a full battery you would still have to stop and charge up three times... meaning at least a day and a half to cross Ohio, however I digress...
As a city car it is incredibly efficient and would undoubtedly save money and ease your conscience doing it, as it is emissions-free.

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