Posted on: Sep 08, 2011
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A Pontiac Fiero Mates with a Motorcycle

Another use for a Pontiac Fiero has been found.
We came across these pictures recently and we felt obligated to share them with as many people possible. America has long been known for its passion for cars and motorcycles along with its citizens' creative thinking and ingenuity. And these pictures prove just that. But first, a bit of history:

Sold in the U.S. from 1984 until 1988, the mid-engined Pontiac Fiero was well-received by car magazines and the public, but unfortunately some suffered from engine fires and cooling system issues.
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However, it has still remained popular for its chassis and has become a collectible.

But back to these photos, which show one man's creative genius. Or is it simply lunacy? We thought we'd let you all decide.

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