Posted on: Jan 22, 2012
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One of Two Devon GTX Supercars Sold in Auction

Production of the Devon GTX was shelved in 2010, but now one of the only two models ever built is in the hands of one lucky American.
The demise of the Dodge Viper in 2010 spelt the end for the Devon GTX, a project initiated by entrepreneur Scott Devon who essentially took a Viper and gave it a more upscale body. Complete with upwards-swiveling doors, a two-tone black & chrome finish, and a more refined cabin, the GTX looked like it may have legs, especially as under the hood lay a tuned 8.4-liter Viper engine capable of 650hp. Unfortunately, its sleek looks and blistering pace couldn't help the Devon GTX get off the ground.
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Only two examples were ever made and over the weekend, serial number 001 went under the hammer at the Barrett-Jackson 2012. This rare bespoke American supercar, street legal and complete with a 2012 special construction title, was sold for $220,000. Not bad for a car that was originally priced at half-a-million dollars.

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