Toyota Aygo Facelift Completes Trio of City Cars

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Following Citroen’s latest C1 and Peugeot’s updated 107, Toyota has released details about their facelifted Aygo.
With the Aygo, Toyota is starring in the third and final act of the Franco-Japanese city car restyling show, before new generations take center stage next year and in 2014. Updates are limited to a refreshed fascia featuring a trapezoidal air intake, minimalist grille set and LED daytime running lights, so describing the Aygo as Yaris' little sister is fair comment. New alloys and hubcaps are planned as is new upholstery and a more sophisticated audio system.
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Under the hood a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine manages 66mpg and emits just 99g/km of CO2. Set to be unveiled at the Brussels Motor Show this week, the Aygo will be priced at 7,990 Euros. A limited edition, namely a Vibrant Metallic Orange Launch Edition, is also set to launch adorned with a distinctive orange paintjob, aluminum wheels and a spattering of accessories and logos.