Posted on: Oct 23, 2012
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Watch How a Lincoln MKT is Turned into a Limo

Stretching a Lincoln crossover by ten feet isn't as easy as tying two plow-horses to each end and dangling a carrot in front of their faces.
Having posted plenty of stretched limo stories, we thought it time to share one that details how a regular passenger car - in this instance a Lincoln MKT Town Car - is transformed from a showroom stock model into a stretched limousine. The latest episode of Popular Mechanics' "How'd They Do That?" online series visits LCW Automotive Corp to see what it takes to transform the MKT Town Car Limousine, a special edition car Lincoln provides for this very purpose, into a luxurious 10-passenger limo.
In the following video, you'll see how 360 kg of additional steel, 4000 feet of wiring, 45 master craftsmen and 355 new electronic components are used to stretch the Lincoln by ten feet.

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by Adam Lynton
Watch How a Lincoln MKT is Turned into a Limo
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