Rolls Gold Phantom by Platinum Motorsport

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A tacky-yet-classy Rolls-Royce Phantom hits the streets of LA courtesy of Platinum Motorsports.
Platinum Motorsport is known for customizing high-end luxury automobiles, and now the Los Angeles-based tuning firm has taken its latest project onto the streets of Hollywood. Based on a silver Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan, the Rolls Gold Custom Phantom features a bold Mansory Conquistador body kit finished in matte black and rose gold. Platinum Motorsports has also added a set of huge 26-inch Gionelle Santorini wheels hooked up to a lowered suspension.
Platinum Motorsport says it will only produce four examples, but while we'd wonder if it could sell even that many of the gaudy monstrosity in other markets, we're sure they could find enough Californians with the scrape and a penchant for the outlandish to fill the order book.

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