Corvette Z06 Wears D2Forged Wheels for SEMA

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The Corvette Z06 gets some new wheels in time for the biggest tuning expo in America.
Chevrolet is preparing to debut the next-generation Corvette C7 in January at the Detroit Auto Show, but until then the current Z06 remains a favorite among performance-obsessed enthusiasts. D2Forged Wheels is using the outgoing 2011 model as the base to show off its CV3-LP wheels at the 2012 SEMA Show. The five-spoke LitePack wheels on the Corvette Z06 seen here measure 20 inches in diameter, with 10-inch widths up front and bigger 13-inchers at the back.
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The former weigh 20 lbs while the latter come in at 21 lbs. They have brushed aluminum centers and a chrome lip to play along with the Vette's white paintjob. The new wheels have been prepared specially for fitting on Corvettes and have reduced lip depth, a deep concave center disk profile, step lip construction and have had the excess forging material reduced. All said, D2Forged's wheels add an "aggressive aesthetic" to the mighty Corvette Z06.