Comments - Nissan Reveals Altima V8 Supercar in Australia

Published: Oct 30, 2012
Description: An Altima - with a V8? We've got to be kidding, right? Only we're not. Because while the ordinary Nissan Altima was only available with a four-cylinder engine until 2001 (when the third-gene...
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Zaire Wilkins Oct 31, 2012
The M56 is good enough 420hp RWD
David Parenti Oct 31, 2012
It wouldn't be worth it to Nissan. Unless in the future they come out with a new Altima (new design) that incorporates a RWD V8. I doubt it though, the Mustang might take on a 4cyl so I doubt the Altima will be adding more engine.
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
Nissan will never put a v8 in an production card, just not something they do unfortunately, almost everyone enjoys a nice v8 and Nissan does have a nice v8
Zaire Wilkins Oct 31, 2012
never say never
David Parenti Oct 31, 2012
William I think a lot of people missed the point. There's not much Altima left of this car. It's not a high end supercar it's just a racing class. And you will never see a production V8 maxima.
William Downs Oct 31, 2012
There is nothing Altima about it except the body shell, underside is a holden chassis, and the engine is from nissan
David Parenti Oct 31, 2012
It's an Altima but so much of the original car is missing. Just like a Toyota Camry NASCAR. It's not a "supercar", it races in a series called V8 supercar. It's also not a production car and never will be. This is an Altima bodied touring car.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 30, 2012
ok david if its not an altima what else can it be
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
And this car isn't entirely an Altima. I think this article mislead people for sure.
Zeus Mocha Oct 30, 2012
It's not the chassis of a Camry
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
Toyota Camry V8 - NASCAR.
David Record Oct 30, 2012
symbolism over substance.
Jed Hamilton Jul 05, 2013
Who would want this
Adithya Chandrasekhar Oct 30, 2012
The pins are there to secure the front of the bonnet at high speeds
Jack Howard Oct 30, 2012
To keep it down I think
Bala Uncc Oct 30, 2012
What are those four rings on top if the hood?
Description: A touring car series similar to Germany's DTM, the UK's BTCC or Japan's Super GT, V8 Supercars is a series that has been contested for years exclusively by Ford and GM's Aussie div...
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Danny Rodriiguez Oct 30, 2012
650? Not bad at all :obama:
Bala Uncc Oct 30, 2012
650 wow that's nice
Description: The chassis is the same Car of the Future platform that underpins the Falcon and Commodore and the upcoming E63 AMG, but draped in bodywork that apes the latest Altima sedan - albeit with a competitio...
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Antonio Falsetti Oct 30, 2012
I agree one of the best racing series.
Josh Andrews Oct 30, 2012
A v8 altima iv been waiting for this should put it into production
Author Norman R. Colson Oct 30, 2012
A v8 Altima is ok... A V8 maxima now that is badass!
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
One of the best racing series ever.
William Downs Oct 30, 2012
Do u not read, its not a supercar, its a v8 supercar as in the racing series, read the article before u start commenting
Douglas Goncalves Oct 30, 2012
Fitting a V8 into an Altima does not qualify it as a super car! It just means its a nicer and quicker Altima.
Antonio Falsetti Oct 30, 2012
Look at the size of the front brakes.
David Hicks Oct 30, 2012
Rick Kelly (not a sex-offender)
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
Lol I didn't catch that.
Zaire Wilkins Oct 30, 2012
this is atually not bad at all
Zaire Wilkins Oct 30, 2012
actually nascar is changing that so u can almost have the shell of wht the actual car is
Antonio Falsetti Oct 30, 2012
NASCAR shells look like that to keep the cars as similar to each other as possible so no one has an unfair advantage and for safety purposes.
Prince Huang Oct 30, 2012
Looks a lot more like a production model than the "shells" in NASCAR.
David Parenti Oct 31, 2012
So a de-stroked 5.6L..
Zaire Wilkins Oct 31, 2012
can i stick that in my Maxima
Michael D'Angelo Oct 30, 2012
It's no misprint. The engine capacity is reduced to 5 liters to adhere to V8 Supercar specs. It is still a VK engine
Lou Guerrero Oct 30, 2012
I'd like two. One in a race far and one in my house on display
David Parenti Oct 30, 2012
Isint the Titan a 5.6L? This is a 5.0L? Maybe a misprint
Ryan Rainville Oct 30, 2012
It certainly looks the part 5 liters and 600 hp sounds good to me
Jack Howard Oct 30, 2012
Yeah that Titan motor was pretty kickass back in the day. Still is
Boyd Boudreaux Oct 30, 2012
After owning a Titan I'll always be fond of this engine. It has a lot of room to make hp and already makes monster torque