Posted on: Oct 31, 2012
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1940 Ford Body Released at SEMA

The 1940 Ford Coupe is the latest addition to Ford’s reproduction car bodies, joining the 1965-70 Mustang bodie in Dearborn's hot-rodding catalog.
The iconic 1940 Ford Coupe - known simply as the '40 Ford - is the latest addition to the Blue Oval's catalog of all-steel reproduction car bodies and will be on display at the SEMA show this week. The new 1940 body, built using high-strength steel and modern welding techniques, is available from Ford Restoration Parts starting at $11,990 with a stock firewall to accommodate the original flathead V8 for hot-rodders and classic car aficionados looking to recreate the original in its true form.

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A recessed firewall is also available for those looking to fit a larger, more modern powertrain. Fully built, copper-colored and packing a 5.0-liter V8, four-speed automatic transmission, Mustang II front suspension and chopped roof, the custom 1940 Ford hot rod on display in Las Vegas will showcase the new body's high-quality construction. The full body shell, as well as individual steel panels, is available through Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts.


by Adam Lynton
1940 Ford Body Released at SEMA

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