Posted on: Oct 08, 2012
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BMW-Toyota JV to Yield New Supra?

Partly due to the huge success of the GT86, Toyota's new partnership with BMW could result in a new hybrid sports car that could revive the Supra name and spirit.
Back in July at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, BMW and Toyota announced a partnership to develop a new sports car to incorporate environmentally friendly technologies. Likely translation: a hybrid sports car. More specifically and to the excitement of many, this could very well become an all-new Supra. From the floor of the Paris Motor Show, Toyota's UK chief Jon Williams stated that this new sports car will "likely be a hybrid". Given some of the hybrid sportscars currently under development, that could be no bad thing.

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Furthermore, based on the huge success of the GT86, Williams noted, "Our dealers want exciting cars that bring in new buyers... and we are rewarding customers with a smile. That is all about driving and the thrill of driving. That has come back with the GT86 and will continue." Sounds like positive news to us and with BMW on board to assist in driving dynamics and perhaps even carbon fiber technology, a 21st century Supra could be just what the proverbail doctor ordered for a Toyota's resurgence into performance automobiles. We'll have to wait to see how the partnership develops, but for fans of Toyota's most celebrated sportscar, things are looking good so far.


by Jay Traugott
BMW-Toyota JV to Yield New Supra?

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