Switzer GT-Rs Demolish the Drag Strip

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Ohio-based tuner heads to Michigan to post some blistering times at the Milan Dragway.
Switzer Performance has set a new record quarter-mile time for a Nissan GT-R on pump fuel. The Ohio-based tuner recently headed north to the Milan Dragway in Michigan with a trio of customer-owned and highly-tuned R1K-X GT-Rs for a day of shakedown and evaluation runs. The resulting numbers were impressive, to say the least. Running on 93-octane (98 RON) fuel, Switzer's R1K-X Nissan GT-R put down a new record quarter-mile time of 9.42 seconds at 153.30mph.
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Shortly thereafter, Switzer's second R1K-X GT-R filled with race fuel joined the “8-second club” and ran an 8.99-second quarter-mile at 165.54mph. Switzer Performance is best known for creating uber-powerful street cars and all of the GT-Rs ran at Milan are considered by the tuning house to be good-to-go for daily driving. The R1K-X GT-Rs were fitted with Switzer's latest Signature 6 Wheel Set for the record-breaking runs.

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