Posted on: Nov 10, 2012
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4 BMW Donut Fails

Doing a donut in the ultimate driving machine can often end in ultimate failure.
Filming yourself doing a donut can be a very dangerous thing. On the one hand, if you succeed, all you have is a video of yourself destroying your tires. If you fail, and there's a serious chance you will, then there's a record of your fail that will live forever in cyberspace. These are those fails, made all the better by the fact that the cars doing the failing are BMWs. Nothing against BMWs, but failed donuts are infinitely better when the car involved costs a pretty penny. Continue below to check out some of the best BMW donut fails.
There are few things worse than blowing your engine while attempting to do a donut. That pain is magnified when you blow the engine on your Series M.

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This isn't a huge donut fail, but it's always funny to watch a BMW driver try to push his ultimate driving machine out of a ditch. Lesson learned: Don't attempt donuts on a frozen parking lot.

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One of the biggest BMW donut fails of all time is shown in this video. This guy is lucky that his yellow Bimmer didn't run him down.

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Doing a donut in a BMW on a hill is a bad, bad idea. Although you've got to love the crowd cheering and laughing after the car flips onto its roof.

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