Posted on: Nov 14, 2012
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5 Killer Ute Drift Clips

Yes, Utes can be drifted. And yes, a drift Ute is as awesome as it sounds.
Utes are, more or less, a foreign concept in North America. The El Camino was just about America's only Ute. Pontiac had plans to bring a flatbed G8 to the States, but we all know how that turned out. You can argue all you want about the awesomeness/ridiculousness of Utes, but what's inarguable is the fact that watching one drift is pretty damn cool. These truck-sportscar hybrids often feature big engines and are surprisingly adept at drifting. Australians/New Zealanders, this one's for you.
This clip features two Holden V8 Utes drifting around a guy on a power scooter and a woman in a chicken suit. Yes, New Zealanders do some strange things.

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It's awesome that someone actually turned a Nissan 180SX into a Ute. The fact that the 180SX Ute was turned into a drift car is even more awesome.

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The only vehicle that could steal the thunder from a 180SX Ute is an R32 Skyline Ute. This Skyline drifts as well as you'd expect it to, despite the fact that it has a bed.

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A 180SX and a Holden Capa Ute go head-to-head in this short clip. The battle initially seems epic but it very quickly becomes one-sided.

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Anthony West takes his 6.0-liter V8 Holden Ute for a short run around the track in this clip. The drifting may not be uber exciting, but you've got to love the roar of that big Aussie engine.

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