Posted on: Nov 21, 2012
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Mercedes Puts the A in Anime

Bizarre animated movie stars the new A-Class, a mythical noodle truck and a cute female lead.
Mercedes Japan has teamed up with some of the leading names in the Japanese Animation industry to create an anime series dubbed the "Next A-Class". And from the first installment, they can only be described as the most bizarre promotional videos you are likely to see emerge from a carmaker. The series centers around a cute female lead named Nico and two compatriots who joyride through a futuristic Tokyo in an AMG-tuned A-Class. All the while, the skyscraper-packed city is constantly adjusting itself to ease traffic congestion.
Things get even weirder when the trio of noodle lovers spies a mythical noodle truck (based on the 300SL-powered 1955 Blue Wonder). In order to sample a bowl of fabled ramen from the speeding salesman, the protagonists must catch and stop him. The most unlikely of car chase sequences ensues. Next up: tracking down Tokyo's tastiest tofu.

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by Adam Lynton
Mercedes Puts the A in Anime