Range Rover Sport Spotted in America

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Lighter, more dynamic Range Rover Sport is on its way, and has now been spotted right here in the USA.
Land Rover is in the midst of an extensive model overhaul. The Evoque is still turning heads, the new Range Rover has just been released, and replacements for the Defender and Discovery are on their way. But before those arrive, we'll be seeing a new Range Rover Sport. After first seeing prototypes testing in Europe, this urban-camouflaged development vehicle has been spotted on American streets. Gone is the jagged-edged, faux-Volvo grille with which JLR engineers hoped to trick onlookers, replaced by more industrial grates.
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There's no mistaking this vehicle for anything other than the new Range Rover Sport, though. Ditching the heavier Discovery platform on which the current model is based, the new SUV is expected to borrow the new aluminum architecture from the larger Range Rover to help it shed weight. Expect gasoline and diesel engines to be shared with sister-company Jaguar, coupled with more up-to-date technology and amenities and more dynamic handling both on the road and off it. (Photos courtesy of Luc Fewer II, copyright 2012 CarBuzz.com)