Posted on: Nov 22, 2012
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5 One-Off Rolls-Royces

For people that find the Spirit of Ecstasy to be somewhat lacking in exclusivity.
Rolls-Royces are pretty rare and luxurious to begin with. However, some Rollers are both rarer and more luxurious than others. Those are the one-off Rolls-Royces featured here. The British automaker doesn't hold back on luxury when it comes to its production cars, but it really lets the luxury dogs out when working on one-offs. These Rolls-Royces shown here are more or less mansions on wheels. If you believe that too much luxury is never enough, then continue reading below.
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This is no ordinary Phantom Drophead Coupe. In addition to sporting an awesome paint job, this one-off features a built-in Asprey jewelry box, teak decking with mother-of-pearl inlays in the wooden veneer, engraved tread plates, rotary controllers and a clock finished in mother-of-pearl. Oh, and it also comes with a bespoke set of luggage.

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Luxury car collector Roland Hall commissioned Pininfarina to completely transform his Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe, telling them to redesign it to look like a luxury car from the 1930s. The end result is the simply stunning Hyperion, which looks like something F. Scott Fitzgerald's Gatsby would drive. It originally sold for $6 million and was recently put up for sale again in the Middle East.
The two-tone Ghost featured here was unsurprisingly built for a wealthy Qatari. The paint job is a mix of English White with Ensign Red running down the center. Seashell and Consort Red leather dominate the interior and are complemented by Elm Cluster veneer.
Rolls-Royce paid tribute to the Middle East with this, the one-off Mirage. The Mirage is based on the Phantom Drophead Coupe and gets its name from a champion Arabian horse purchased by the king of Iraq in the early 20th century; emblems of the horse's head are placed throughout the exterior. Carbon fiber was used extensively on both the exterior and interior, and the whole package sits on a set of custom 21-inch wheels.
In addition to pandering to the Middle Eastern market, Rolls-Royce is also adept at pandering to the ever-growing Chinese market. The Year of the Dragon Phantom is the result of said pandering. The one-off luxury ride was designed to celebrate the Year of the Dragon and is covered in dragon depictions. There are hand-embroidered depictions of dragons on the headrests, a dragon inlay on the passenger panel and an LED-illuminated treadplate bearing "Year of the Dragon 2012" on the door sills. Nothing says Rolls-Royce like gold and dragons.

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