Posted on: Nov 23, 2012
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Continental GTC on Vellano Wheels

Californian wheel specialist reveals its latest creation on Bentley’s premier convertible.
These three-piece forged modular wheels are the work of SoCal-based specialist Vellano Forged Wheels. Dubbed the VTi Concave, they are showcased on the impeccable Bentley Continental GTC and measure in at a meaty 22 inches at all four powered corners. Vellano Forged Wheels design, forge and CNC machine its centers in-house using aircraft-grade aluminum and offers a range of finishes, from machine-brushed to color-matched, concentrating on the finest cars on the road, from Bentley and Aston Martin to Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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by Adam Lynton
Continental GTC on Vellano Wheels

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