Chrysler Murders Out the Town and Country S

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Want a more sinister-looking minivan? Chrysler has you covered with the new Town and Country S.
Let's face it: there's nothing sexy about a minivan. Nothing exciting, not enticing, just a versatile form of transportation for families and delivery drivers. That could be why so many favor the pseudo-butch look of crossovers instead. But Chrysler was a pioneer in the minivan craze, so we won't fault the Pentastar automaker for trying to drum up a little excitement with the new Town and Country S. Following the lead of the 200 S and 300 S sedans, the Town and Country S is distinguished by its darker trim.
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Black chrome fills the grille, black-accented wheels fill the fenders and blacked-out headlights illuminate the way, complementing (or contrasting with) the black, white, silver or red paint colors available. Inside the cabin is decked out in black cloth and leather, with a black headliner and Blu-Ray entertainment system for the kids. Mechanically it's the same as any other T&C, save for a firmer suspension similar to what you might find on sister-brand Dodge's Grand Caravan R/T. Along with the Charger Daytona, the Town and Country S will debut this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show.