Posted on: Nov 30, 2012
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Chevy SS Revealed in NASCAR Spec

NASCAR-spec SS hints at new halo model for Chevrolet, taking GM's new rear-drive sedan from the race track to the road and back again.
Chevrolet has taken the wraps off its latest NASCAR racer, replacing the Impala that has served as the Bowtie brand's oval-racing contender since 2007 with a new shape. But there's more to the new Chevy SS stock car than just racing. The NASCAR-spec SS previews a new performance flagship for Chevrolet that will debut in February as the first new rear-drive Chevy sedan in 17 years. The new SS will serve as something of a halo model for the brand, debuting simultaneously alongside the new Holden Commodore in Australia.

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Little details are available at this point as to what the new Chevy SS will entail, but we're expecting a limited-edition performance sedan with V8 power to stand alongside the Corvette and Camaro in Chevrolet's performance lineup. As for the stock car seen here, it's based on the same Car of Tomorrow chassis that underpins every new stock car in NASCAR's top-tier Sprint Cup. What sets it apart is essentially the new bodywork that will be speeding around America's speedways starting next year.

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