Posted on: Nov 04, 2012
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Chevy Spark by Enemy To Fashion

A fledgling fashion house has taken a Chevrolet Spark and turned it into a modern tactical vehicle.
Revealed at the 2012 SEMA Show, this Chevy Spark project car has been given a makeover by Enemy to Fashion who was inspired to give the little car some military styling and make it feel right at home in an urban jungle. "It screams post-apocalyptic Cannonball Run," said Weapon Collective Creative Director Caleb Clark, who started the Enemy To Fashion brand in 2005. "It's not what you would expect to see from a Chevy Spark, but the car really wears it well."

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Vintage army surplus colors, battle-used materials and military-grade technical fabrics have been used both inside and out to ensure that the tactical experience complements the design aesthetics. Giving it a modern edge are some fat roof-mounted speakers to go with a Kicker sound system, Fifteen52 wheels, and Recaro seats.


by Adam Lynton
Chevy Spark by Enemy To Fashion
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