Posted on: Nov 08, 2012
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Ferrari California on Modulare Wheels

Think Ferrari's boulevard-cruiser needs some help in the style department? Modulare Forged steps in with some new shoes for the California in California.
Since 2004, Modulare Forged has created over 30 custom design multi-piece and monoblock forged alloys, all of which start life as aerospace-grade forged aluminum. Showcased here on a 2012 Ferrari California is a set of C30-DC deep concave three-piece forged wheels. This particular set boasts a 21-inch rim diameter up front and 22 inches in the back, finished with a matte black face and a matte brushed titanium lip. Each of Modulare Forged's wheels is built to order and custom finished, ensuring perfect fit and absolute individuality.

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by Adam Lynton
Ferrari California on Modulare Wheels
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