Posted on: Nov 08, 2012
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Mugen Mods Honda N-One

Honda's new Kei car may not be a hot hatch, but Mugen is bent on at least making it look the part.
With two states of engines tune, two drivetrain options and a whole mess of trim levels, Honda is offering its domestic customers no short of choices when it comes to the new N-One. But where Honda releases a new car, you know Mugen won't be far behind. Founded by Soichiro Honda's son Hirotoshi, Mugen is an independent company that enjoys close ties with the automaker whose products it tunes for the road and track. Little wonder, then, that it has already gotten access to the retro kei-car and given it a sportier makeover.

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Modifications at the moment amount exclusively to aesthetic changes. The 600cc three-cylinder engine (available in naturally-aspirated or turbo guises) remains unchanged, but a series of suspension upgrades are in the works. For now, though, Mugen has prepared a pair of body kits for the N-One, including a sportier front bumper, grille, side sills and rear bumper with twin center-mounted exhaust tips. The interior can also be upgraded with colored trim panels, a turbo pressure gauge, a starter button, metal pedals and more. The result may not be up to Abarth or John Cooper Works spec, but it certainly takes the retro city car some way in that direction.

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