Posted on: Dec 10, 2012
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Lamborghini Planning Aventador 50th Edition

How does a company like Lamborghini get down on its birthday? With an even more exclusive version of its flagship supercar, that's how.
Lamborghini is about to turn 50 years old, and you can bet the Italian automaker won't miss the opportunity to celebrate. The company revealed plans at Pebble Beach back in August to launch a 750-mile rally, called the Grande Giro Lamborghini, that will start on May 7, 2013 - fifty years to the day after the cornerstone was set at the factory in Sant'Agata and the company was incorporated. But that's not all Lamborghini has up its carbon-fiber sleeve.

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Word has it that Lamborghini will take the occasion to launch a special 50th Anniversary edition model, likely to be based off the Aventador. The Bolognese automaker applied such a treatment to the Murcielago for its 40th anniversary (pictured in teal) and the Countach for its 25th (silver). We'll have to wait and see whether the 50th anniversary model will be a unique one-off (like the Aventador J, pictured in red) or a special series (like the Countach 25th Anniversary edition), not to mention what form it takes.

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