Posted on: Dec 25, 2012
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Pyongyang Racer is 90s Coolness

If North Korea were to have an official video game, it would probably look something like this, only worse.
Clearly, this is not a real video game. Nor is it something that would be played by video gamers in North Korea, the reason is because no one owns a TV except for that new fearless leader who looks like a bloated Asian Elvis lookalike. Aside from launching cheap satellites that reportedly don't work into space and the occasional nuclear test, North Korea is not known to be a prime tourist destination in any way. It also treats its citizens to a life of horrible poverty and Big Brother-like fantasies.
But we can get a view of the streets of its capital in Pyongyang Racer, a new video game that online users can play by going to the official website. Just a quick warning beforehand: the music is far worse than anything we heard in any video game from the 90s.

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by Jay Traugott
Pyongyang Racer is 90s Coolness