Posted on: Dec 07, 2012
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Trucker Intercepts Toddler on Highway

What would you do if you chanced upon a surefooted baby walking alone down the highway?
We've borne witness to some truly shocking videos emanating from Russia and countries from the old Eastern Bloc, but none holds a light to this latest dash-cam production that has just popped up on everyone's favorite video-sharing website. Looking out with the truck driver via his dash-mounted cam, all seems well in rural Russia. The sun is shining on a porcelain-blue sky, the road ahead is clear, and the trucker is going at a pace that instills confidence of a happy ending.
Yet past experiences with these sorts of videos puts us on edge as we await the inevitable near-miss overtake or head-on collision. What follows is something quite extraordinary, and nothing you've seen before will prepare you for it: A baby, no more than two-years-old, waddling along the other side of the road and into the pathway of the truck.

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Thankfully, the trucker is quick to scoop the baby up and out of harm's way (another truck is seen passing where the baby stood just seconds before) and we can only assume reconnected the wandering toddler with his unspeakably careless parents.


by Adam Lynton
Trucker Intercepts Toddler on Highway