Video: Bikini Model Finally Unwraps Ram’s Laramie Limited

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At last we get to see the beautiful bikini babe reveal Ram’s luxury pickup.
When Ram finally unveiled the Laramie Limited at the Chicago Auto Show it was hoped the follow-up to their teaser video would be released at the same time.

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For their own special reasons Ram has only now done the decent thing and posted the video. In it, the soaking-wet smoking-hot supermodel finally features center stage stepping from the ocean before taking the covers off the awesome new pickup. There's no information about the bikini babe, but we do know the 2012 Laramie Limited will house a 5.7-liter HEMI V8, ride on 20-inch chrome alloys, and come with a luxurious interior that boasts leather bucket seats, ambient lighting and a uConnect touch-screen navigation/infotainment system.