Posted on: Feb 22, 2012
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Video: Toyota FT-Bh Concept Teased in 20-Second Clip for Geneva

Toyota has just released a clever teaser clip of their latest concept ahead of the Geneva Motor Show.
The FT-Bh (Future Toyota - B-Segment hybrid) Concept is the product of a new design study by Toyota for a compact city car. They used only current technology and techniques to make the FT-Bh Concept a very viable production car.

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The lightweight, fully hybrid concept boasts Toyota's five pillars to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions outputs. They are: mass reduction, optimum aerodynamics, powertrain efficiency, thermal energy management and electricity saving. We are talking a 50 percent drop in CO2 emissions than the run-of-the-mill five-door B-Segment model. The Japanese automaker says that the FT-Bh isn't just a car but a 'total vehicle approach designed to achieve low-emissions within an economically viable production framework.' The Toyota FT-Bh Concept will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6th at 10:15am.